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Getting Started (alpha)

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Beta client coming soon.

Disclaimer: The server is currently in alpha and this process will change.

To connect, download the RAGNAROK SERVER client (1.8GB). This is a self-extracting RAR file. Extract this to its own directory.

Also download the RAGNAROK SERVER patcher (3.8MB) to the same folder.

Launch RSPatcher.exe. image.png.c05bc17f8524733b8a856ec592d17777.png 

To create an account (for now), type in the desired account name with _F or _M at the end.


There's a security code check. Enter a 4 digit pin three times.


If you get disconnected on first login after creating your character, breathe. Don't panic.

Don't use the _F or _M after the first login.


You can message everyone on the server by sending a message to "#main":


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