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Content Update: Juperos, Geffenia

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Today's maintenance brings the Juperos Ruins dungeon and Geffenia maps, and removes Umbala Dungeon.

Juperos Ruins was once a city of an ancient civilization that has since been buried underground. Scholars speculate that it may have been similar to Juno in the past.
Geffenia is a legendary kingdom of elves that was lost to time. It is protected by the Orb of Vanar. Its capital used to be Geffen.


  • Removed guns from Juperos monsters, they will be added back when Gunslingers are released on August 16.
  • Notably, Vesper still drops Vesper Cores although trans classes are not yet available. Removing these items would remove most of the reason to hunt Vesper.


  • The Sign Quest is enabled, which grants The Sign accessory, and access to Geffenia dungeon.
    • Engel and Metz ask you to wait 2 hours, instead of returning on a later day and hour based on the dropoff time.
    • The Sign is account bound and able to be put in storage. Characters are limited to equipping 1 The Sign at a time -- if a second is equipped, one of them is removed.
  • Incubus Gold Ring drop rate has been reduced from 14.26% to 4.93% to reduce the rate of zeny inflation. Incubus still drops Mastela Fruit at 38.59% and Diamond Ring at 4.43%.


  • Umbala Dungeon has been removed. The portal from Umbala now goes directly to the Yggdrasil Tree.
  • 10 Wooden Golems have been added to um_fild01 and um_fild04.

Vending updates

  • Enabled Buying Shops
    • Merchants can get the purchasing skill and licenses for 200z each, in the Merchant Guild in Alberta.
    • Non-merchants can get a purchase license from the black market in Morroc for 500z each.


  • Autotraders now have a timeout period of 7 days.
  • Autotrade is currently only available in Prontera, to encourage a central marketplace. More towns will be re-enabled over time.
  • In Prontera, vending is only allowed on cells marked with a sign placeholder. Click on the placeholder to move to the cell.


Miscellaneous updates

  • Basic Skill is now required to sit, form parties, etc. This was leftover from our pre-release event where we disabled the requirements to form parties.
  • Cleaned up WoE start/stop announcement that listed the unavailable castles as being unoccupied.
  • Fixed Pet Egg descriptions to be accurate -- there is no Cordial / Loyal bonus, only Loyal.
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