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WoE stats 2018-07-21

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Castle Breaks
**Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3)
18:02:31    Evil Council
18:05:12    RO Buddies

**Yesnelph** (Geffen 3)

**Holy Shadow** (Payon 3)
17:29:51    Evil Council
17:41:25    Epiphany
17:43:49    SideQuest
18:01:44    North Legion
18:26:05    AnomaIy
18:48:02    North Legion

**Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3)
17:33:04    Epiphany
17:47:44    North Legion
18:06:51    SideQuest
18:43:54    Mind Games
18:50:18    AnomaIy

Kill Counts
516 kills/deaths

177 kills/deaths

**Holy Shadow**
226 kills/deaths

269 kills/deaths

Top kills
96 kills: Rosenrot (RO Buddies)
80 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy)
65 kills: Depression (Epiphany)
55 kills: Aero (North Legion)
55 kills: HEHABUCTb (North Legion)

Top deaths
42 deaths: Bruce LeeRoy (AnomaIy)

Deadliest skills
403 kills: Asura Strike
226 kills: Holy Cross
223 kills: Storm Gust
82 kills: Meteor Storm
57 kills: Bowling Bash

Items used
12946 White Potion (4222 brewed, 7662 BG reward)
6077 Blue Potion (1371 brewed, 4610 BG reward)
61 Green Potion
5667 Condensed White Potion (5667 brewed)

76 Meat
495 Honey
145 Royal Jelly
56 Strawberry
88 Fresh Fish

193 Butterfly Wing
69 Awakening Potion
185 Authoritative Badge (116 BG reward)

1655 Yellow Gemstone
141 Red Gemstone
1193 Blue Gemstone
2013 Trap
85 Bottle Grenade (85 BG reward)
1356 Acid Bottle (1356 BG reward)
133 Plant Bottle (133 BG reward)
134 Glistening Coat (134 BG reward)

Highest single hit done
59,468 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
2,065,696 damage dealt: Aaron (RO Buddies)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
943,557: Doggy (Epiphany)

Most emperium damage done
853 damage: AeroRu (North Legion)

Most support skills used
1073 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany)
680 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)
489 casts: ComminInHot (AnomaIy)
458 casts: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest)
369 casts: Suisader (Epiphany)

Most healing done
92,962: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest)
66,402: VenusGospel (Evil Council)
58,482: MissVanjie (RO Buddies)
24,540: Qualia (North Legion)
20,277: Celestelle (Epiphany)

Most zeny spent (on skills)
332,000z: Warr (SideQuest)

Most SP used
48,914: Aaron (RO Buddies)

Most spirit spheres used
798: monkaS (RO Buddies)

Most ammo used
338: Shadowfox (Evil Council)

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