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Maintenance #8: Costume Egg 3

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This week's maintenance brings Costume Egg 3 (10 Titan Tokens) and Name Change Coupon (50 Titan Tokens) to the Titan Guide. With the addition of Costume Egg 3 we have also discontinued Costume Egg 1.

Costume Egg 3 has a 1 in 10 chance of each of:

  • Costume Shaving Foam
  • Costume Warm Cat Muffler
  • Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses
  • Costume Robo Eye
  • Costume Wind Guide
  • Costume Rune Circlet
  • Costume Chicken Hat
  • Costume Dokebi Wig
  • Costume Heroic Backpack
  • Costume Test Subject Aura

This maintenance also brings:

  • Monks regen SP naturally after using Asura.
  • Re-added Juperos monsters to Yuno bounty board.
  • Added a Kill Tracker to Titan Guide for those who want to check how many monsters they've killed in the past 1, 3, and 7 days.
  • Fixed Sweet Milk taming item for Savage Babe (it was always failing).
  • Updated navigation system to include Juperos monsters.
  • Allowed Titan Token purchasable in Buying Shops. (This update is incomplete. We will finish it mid-week without a maintenance)
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is it  possible to change the LHZ Aura to Garment Slot?Would be Great thanks

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45 minutes ago, elle is not ok said:

where can i collect titan coins? i have only one since i played :(

They drop from champion monsters.

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