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Content Update: Lighthalzen, Platinum skills

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Today's content update brings the city of Lighthalzen and its surrounding fields, the Somatology Laboratory, and platinum skills, including Homunculus.

The following maps are now available:

  • lhz_fild01
  • lhz_fild02
  • lhz_fild03
  • ein_fild03
  • ein_fild04 (1 north of Einbroch -- good for Geographers!)
  • lhz_dun01
  • lhz_dun02
  • lhz_dun03

The quest to purchase Speed Potions is available in Lighthalzen, with some changes:

  • You can purchase up to 10 Speed Potions at a time from the NPC, instead of max 3.
  • You can click on the final NPC location instead of having to walk through him.

Homunculus have an autofeeding option, to allow them to consume their desired food automatically when they become hungry. The included AI files allow for manual control with alt+click to move or attack a target, and shift+alt+click to queue up a move or attack. Alt + R opens the Homunculus statistics window. Alt + T enables passive mode for the Homunculus.


We have added Loading Screens from our Loading Screen contest! Congratulations to our winners!

Due to player requests, we have removed Triple Inferno battleground mode and replaced it with Stone Control:

  • Take the stones in the middle of the battlefield and place them at your base. Each stone will give points to your team over time. First team to reach 99 points wins the game. Team Stones can also be captured by the enemy team, so protect them well!

Due to suggestions to make MvPing feel more consistently rewarding, boss monsters now have a 35% chance to drop a Titan Token.

We have fixed the issue where mobs would instantly "de-stack" after losing their target, and also players are now able to occupy the same cell.

Today's update also includes some miscellaneous updates:

  • With Somatology Laboratory items being available, we re-enabled drops for the following:
    • Evil Snake Lord - Hellfire
    • RSX - Dagger of Counter
    • Chimera - Great Axe
    • Bloody Knight - Katzbalger
    • Mini Demon - Ahlspiess
    • Bloody Murderer - Ginnungagap
  • Updated drop tables for OBB, OPB, OCA.
  • Updated drop tables for some champion monsters.
  • Fly wing / Teleport skill is enabled in Lighthalzen map.
  • Refunded Sweet Milks used by players, due to the bug where Savage Babe was unable to be tamed.
  • Fixed a bug around Rogue Slyness / Gangster's Paradise skill.
  • Doubled vendor spot vertical density in Prontera, so we can fit twice as many vendors in the same space.


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