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Decrease GD Spawn Timers

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So it seems there are spawn timers for most of the mobs in Guild Dungeons?

On most the servers I've been on before (iRO:Restart most recently) they were taken out (besides things like Maya P) or never had them in the first place. The timers themselves make leveling and EXP there feel really slow and not worth it. While I realize this is not an official server, when checking against the databases I've been more familiar with on iRO, they're all listed as instant spawns. On Restart specifically, due to community outcry on the initial launch, the GMs changed it to match Classic with instant spawns.

Since there are Owl Barons in Alde GD for instance I'm guessing this is based more on Classic Spawns.

Alde GD for reference
http://db.irowiki.org/db/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Renewal
http://db.irowiki.org/classic/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Classic
http://db.irowiki.org/restart/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Restart

Currently the EXP is currently meh there with the current spawns, if they were changed it would make guilds fight even harder over the best castles for EXP at the end. This could create a lot more interesting fights, especially near the end of WoE since there's only 1 castle in each realm that people can get.

I loved setting up and being in GD parties before, but it just feels not really worth it with how the timers and spawns currently are.

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+1 to this, I think it is definitely one of the rewards of WOE to have access to the guild dungeon.  Having owned all four castles at one point or another, none of them were that good for exp, even with full active parties.  I think this could be a nice change.

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