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Maintenance #10: Abyss Lake, Hugel, Cooking

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Abyss Lake dungeon is now available! Get your dragon hunting gear ready if you're up for the challenge. Face the fearsome Hydrolancer and Detale at your own risk.

Hugel town and fields are now available. The Einbroch/Yuno airship now drops off passengers in Hugel. Enjoy your visit to this beautiful coastal town.

The list of new field maps now available are:

  • hu_fild01
  • hu_fild02
  • hu_fild03
  • hu_fild04
  • hu_fild05
  • hu_fild06
  • hu_fild07
  • ein_fild01
  • ein_fild02
  • ein_fild05
  • yuno_fild06
  • yuno_fild10

Cooking quest is now available and monsters now drop cooking items including: cookbooks, cooking kits, and food items.  Will you become the next master chef?

Costume Egg 4 is now available for 10 Titan Tokens. It contains one of the following at random:

  • Costume Baseball Cap
  • Costume Pegasus Wing Ears
  • Costume Vanargandr Helm
  • Costume Black Cat Hoodie
  • Costume Necromancer Hood
  • Costume Cat Eyes
  • Costume Angeling Hat
  • Costume Blue Beanie
  • Costume Eremes Scarf
  • Costume Candy Cane In Mouth

War of Emperium castles have rotated.

  • Starting on 2018-09-01 WoE and for 2 months, the castles will be aldeg_cas01 (Neuschwanstein) and gefg_cas01 (Repherion)
  • Enabled linked guild dungeon access for these castles. Aldebaran castle connects to Payon guild dungeon, Geffen castle connects to Prontera guild dungeon. When using the lever, pull the lever to go to the normal guild dungeon, or push the lever to go to the linked dungeon.


Other updates and fixes:

  • Gunslinger and Ninja job experience tables have been corrected (lowered). They should now have a significantly easier time at low job levels.
  • To make competing for ranker points more fun, Taekwon Mission no longer chooses Miniboss or Champion monsters. We want players to spend more time fighting, less time sitting in town resetting their missions.
  • Homunculus now gain experience from their owner's party experience. 10% of the experience their owner gains in a party will be granted to the homunculus as well.
  • Fixed a script error in the Izlude <-> Yuno airship that warped players to Yuno when they exited at Izlude.
  • Removed Backpack accessory option from Little Poring as the client cannot support it.
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