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WoE stats 2018-09-01

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Castle Breaks
**Neuschwanstein** (Al de Baran 1)
17:24:32    Evil Council
18:52:23    RO Buddies

**Repherion** (Geffen 1)
17:10:13    RO Buddies
17:25:13    Mind Games
17:56:27    SideQuest
17:58:29    RO Buddies
18:10:35    SideQuest
18:13:29    Mind Games

Kill Counts
89 kills/deaths

520 kills/deaths

Top kills
113 kills: snowstorm (Mind Games)
93 kills: qmfnrkr (Mind Games)
81 kills: Shoryuken (Mind Games)
70 kills: Blizzard (RO Buddies)
48 kills: Bruce LeeRoy (Mind Games)

Top deaths
35 deaths: Bruce LeeRoy (Mind Games)

Deadliest skills
249 kills: Asura Strike
170 kills: Storm Gust
93 kills: Final Strike
22 kills: Meteor Storm
18 kills: Land Mine

Items used
7382 White Potion (3885 brewed, 1221 BG reward)
3110 Blue Potion (2349 brewed, 758 BG reward)
22 Green Potion
4426 Condensed White Potion (4426 brewed)

0 Meat
88 Honey
0 Royal Jelly
114 Strawberry
3 Fresh Fish

52 Butterfly Wing
28 Awakening Potion
67 Berserk Potion
90 Authoritative Badge (49 BG reward)
27 Speed Potion
0 Crystal Fragment

697 Yellow Gemstone
103 Red Gemstone
521 Blue Gemstone
581 Trap
0 Bottle Grenade
0 Acid Bottle
0 Plant Bottle
0 Glistening Coat

Highest single hit done
50895 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
4,864,433 damage: snowstorm (Mind Games)
2,622,752 damage: Blizzard (RO Buddies)
1,130,468 damage: Evilmumuchan (Mind Games)
797,829 damage: Shoryuken (Mind Games)
783,596 damage: Cladeus (SideQuest)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
1,601,261 damage: Chichi (SideQuest)
933,755 damage: Ron Bumblefoot (SideQuest)
739,772 damage: Densetsu (RO Buddies)
733,246 damage: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)
603,360 damage: Boris the Blade (RO Buddies)

Most emperium damage done
957 damage: Evilmumuchan (Mind Games)

Most support skills used
1107 casts: Cheeks (Mind Games)
639 casts: Zoey (RO Buddies)
620 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)
346 casts: Deneb (SideQuest)
272 casts: Kalasag (SideQuest)

Most healing done
211,652: Cheeks (Mind Games)
132,028: Zoey (RO Buddies)
28,693: Deneb (SideQuest)
16,103: Densetsu No (RO Buddies)
7,146: VenusGospel (Evil Council)

Most zeny spent (on skills)
170,100z: Densetsu (RO Buddies)

Most SP used
61,287: snowstorm (Mind Games)

Most spirit spheres used
927: Shoryuken (Mind Games)

Most ammo used
1624: Zerick (RO Buddies)

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