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Guild Package

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Guild Package
We are now offering a Guild Package for new guilds to the server! Our guild package is designed to interest guilds interested in joining our WoE scene, without creating permanent items in the economy. We want to get those new guilds focused on leveling their characters for WoE, so we are offering rental WoE gear and supplies.

The guild package consists of:

  • A level 6 guild
  • Access to #roundtable on Discord
  • For each player:
    • 150¬†battlegrounds tokens, redeemable for WoE or BG supplies.
    • 30-day rental Unfrozen Coat¬†(Marc Card)
    • 30-day rental Cranial Guard¬†(Thara Frog Card)

To qualify for the guild package, we ask that you have a minimum of 12 players who are new to the server. To apply for the guild package, please post in this thread with your guild name and list the character names of new players who will be joining the guild, or contact a member of TitanRO Staff on Discord.

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