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Playing on Linux Distro

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Hi guys,

Is there anyone know how to play the game in Ubuntu 16.04 OS or any linux distro (preferably Solus OS) using wine here?


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In theory if you follow the instructions from the link Stephcake provided, It could work on Ubuntu or any distro, I tried on Slackware 14.2 32-bit, and after downloading the required version from: https://www.winehq.org/announce/1.7.55  and installing it using tools/wineinstall  it worked even without winetricks, but I recommend you follow all the steps, remember wineskin is only for Mac.

The only issue I found so far is that you need to minimize and maximize your client window on each loading screen otherwise it will only show the loading image.snapshot1.thumb.png.d480de167532db3166d6cd5cc775c8ee.png


PD: I think you need to download kernel dev or something similar to be able to compile (make, Install, configure) wine. or maybe you could try searching for a .deb/.apt for  the 1.7.55  version but since Ubuntu is an up to date distro It could not have the required old libs in order to run.

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