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Content Update: Thanatos Tower, Kiel Factory

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Thanatos Tower

According to the church, the Gods built the tower in one day to demonstrate their strength to humanity. Other legends depict the tower as a fortress built by the demons who tried to invade Rune-Midgard. Still others theorize that the tower was built to honor Thanatos's defeat of Satan Morroc.

No records of Thanatos Tower exists in Yuno's library. The official lore notes this as an important point. The sages of Yuno either don't know anything about it, or have intentionally removed it from their history. 

Thanatos Tower is located near Yuno and is home to many powerful angels, ghosts, and magical creatures. Should you make it to the top of the tower, you can face the Memory of Thanatos.


  • You must be a transcendant class 2nd job of any level, or base level 95+ to get past the 6th floor of the tower.

Kiel Factory

From the outside, Kiel Hyre's Academy is a boarding school who reaches out to orphans. Established by Kiel and his son Kiehl, it was a means for them to give back to their society. Students in the school are welcome to specialise in whatever they like safely behind the gates of their educational home. 

In truth, the school is a testing ground for robots and prototypes created by the Hyres. While the students themselves remain oblivious to this fact, Kiel's granddaughter Elly tells the adventurer that her classmates have become afraid of going out alone, and believes the school is haunted by a ghost who curses their victims. The curse, or rather, this tampering causes the victim to become cold and lifeless - weapons of destruction.

For more information on the Kiel Hyre Entrance Quest, you can refer to irowiki's page here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Kiel_Hyre_Quest

Lore source: ragnaroklore.shivtr.com

Costume Egg 5

This spooky themed egg can be purchased from the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. Hurry and get your Halloween themed items!

Costume Sword of Thanatos

Costume Magic Circle

Costume Tall Ghostring Hat

Costume Elder Devil Horn

Costume Gram Peony

Costume Falling Angel Feathers

Costume Vampire Familiar

Costume Large Ribbon Muffler

Costume Bat Stole

Costume Fallen Angel Valletta

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