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Maintenance #13: Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner (October 31st), and spooky ghosts and jack o' lanterns have made their way to town.

For this year's Halloween event, we have the following:

  1. Spooky Prontera
    • This spooky autumn-themed Prontera will be here through November 8.
  2. Pumpkin Hat Researcher
    • Bring this researcher 20 Jack o Pumpkin and he'll reward you with an account-bound Mysterious Pumpkin Hat.
    • image.png.2df42e0cfc4d1ed87dbb73da8cbdd562.png
    • This adds a chance to drop Pumpkin Pie from monster kills, and Pumpkin Pie heals 5% HP and SP.
    • When the Halloween event is over, the Pumpkin Pie drop rate will be significantly lowered.
  3. Halloween Wizard
    • Bring this Wizard some Fabric, Jack o Pumpkin, Worn Fabric, or Crushed Pumpkins and he will spawn Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords on another town.
    • Halloween Whisper and Halloween Dark Lord drop trick Gift Boxes which cast random effects, from healing you 50% HP and SP to sending you back to your save point.
  4. Trick or Treater
    • This Trick or Treater is invisible until you bump into him, and can be found at the following locations in Prontera:
      • 151, 173
      • 270, 350
      • 234, 310
      • 156, 321
      • 156, 283
      • 142, 214
      • 134, 125
      • 220, 72
    • Bring the Trick or Treater some Candy, Candy Cane, or Well-baked Cookie and he will provide you with a 30 minute buff of +5 to all stats and +15 flee.

Added @refresh command with a 5 second cooldown.

  • This command redraws characters and effects on your screen, refreshes your current position, and can be used to address various issues such as tiles showing song/dance effects after the song has ended, or unwalkable cells after using Ice Wall.

Fixed baby class 2nd job exp tables.


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