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Update #9: damage delay, homunculus hunger rate, flinch modification

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Updated the damage delay from one full attack to half of an attack. So the damage is dealt/taken halfway through an attack animation, rather than at the start or end.

Adjusted homunculus hunger rates to get hungry 3x as fast (also can gain intimacy at a corresponding rate).

Fixed an error in the mob of the week script that was giving -97% experience instead of +100% for mob of the week :S

Slightly reduced the flinch time for getting hit by attacks (80% to 60%).

Removed the Hallucination (wavy screen) effect.

Updated shop NPCs in Izlude and Morroc. Though it looks like Morroc has the same shop NPCs outside the pyramids and in the city itself, which seems odd, but maybe correct.

Fixed an error in the death logs that was missing the monster ID when a player died to a monster.

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