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WoE stats 2018-10-06

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Castle Breaks
**Neuschwanstein** (Al de Baran 1)
18:09:28    Mind Games

**Repherion** (Geffen 1)

Kill Counts
314 kills/deaths

152 kills/deaths

Top kills
77 kills: qmfnrkr (Mind Games)
51 kills: Shoryuken (Mind Games)
50 kills: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games)
34 kills: Doggy (RO Buddies)
33 kills: HotPokket (RO Buddies)

Top deaths
25 deaths: Doggy (RO Buddies)

Deadliest skills
180 kills: Asura Strike
77 kills: Final Strike
68 kills: Storm Gust
46 kills: Bowling Bash
34 kills: Land Mine

Items used
2612 White Potion (372 brewed, 224 BG reward)
2203 Blue Potion (1545 brewed, 449 BG reward)
6 Green Potion
2408 Condensed White Potion (2408 brewed)

30 Honey
6 Royal Jelly
0 Grape Juice
0 Lemon
77 Strawberry
0 Fresh Fish

58 Butterfly Wing
37 Awakening Potion
62 Berserk Potion
42 Authoritative Badge (13 BG reward)
0 Speed Potion
2 Crystal Fragment

169 Yellow Gemstone
16 Red Gemstone
214 Blue Gemstone
1367 Trap
0 Bottle Grenade
0 Acid Bottle
0 Plant Bottle
0 Glistening Coat

Highest single hit done
46512 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
1,293,533 damage: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games)
777,093 damage: qmfnrkr (Mind Games)
623,105 damage: HotPokket (RO Buddies)
592,429 damage: Darkana (SideQuest)
508,014 damage: Doggy (RO Buddies)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
1,422,188 damage: Doggy (RO Buddies)
376,554 damage: MagnumRubbers (Mind Games)
357,941 damage: Ron Bumblefoot (SideQuest)
343,501 damage: kicks by eung (SideQuest)
307,403 damage: BosseMonkie (SideQuest)

Most emperium damage done
562 damage: Rebelo Sun (Mind Games)

Most support skills used
659 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
554 casts: Myrandaa (Mind Games)
222 casts: monkaS (RO Buddies)
114 casts: FeelsDabMan (RO Buddies)
99 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)

Most healing done
428,879: Myrandaa (Mind Games)
24,594: Elara (RO Buddies)
19,662: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
14,454: eung* (SideQuest)
4,276: BosseMonkie (SideQuest)

Most SP used
52,085: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games)

Most spirit spheres used
460: OneShot (SideQuest)

Most ammo used
474: Noobies (SideQuest)

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