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Played, once left, possibly back, asking the big questions

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Welcome everybody!


I started playing here when the server started, but for many, many reasons I had to stop playing. 

Just recently I had the opportunity to start gaming again, and I am considering returning to the game, because in a few days, trans classes will be released, if I am correct.

My question is, currently how bad/good is the online market?

And, most importantly, I see that about 60+ online players are Merchants. Does this server still have a proper playerbase, who is waiting for Trans at the moment, or is it only about 60-70 players?

I know the question might sound rude like this, but it is better to know these things in advance.

Thank you for understanding.

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There are definitely a bunch of people not playing much at the moment because they're waiting for trans, at least speaking for my own guild.

That's partly why the market might be a bit stale at the moment, but everyone being out grinding again should help revitalise that :P

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