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Trans Items to Be Released on the Launch of Trans Classes (from MVPs)

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Hi I wanted to create a discussion about what trans items are going to/ ought to be released at launch.

I think it’s a good idea to look at and implement the updated trans gear specifically from small MVPs on the launch date for these reasons:

1) TitanRO is a revo-classic server and many of the gears are very relevant in this meta as opposed to a classic server.  For example Red Square Bag from Misstress looks like a viable bombing weapon where it was useless in classic.  Chakram from Osiris looks very interesting for Assassin Crosses where it has never been a "meta" item historically.

2) Dea Staff from Maya is another example that falls into reason 1), but I also think Dea Staff is necessary for ME priests to be viable at a whopping 220 mattk.  Currently their best weapon is a 130 matk weapon since they cannot use soul staff nor wizardry staff.  Odin’s releases Divine Cross, however it’s a .25 base rate off of a Skeggiold.

3) These gears should be implemented sooner than later to offer more dynamic options for gearing while they are able to be relevant.  Many gears like Giant Axe from Orc Hero, and Erde from Orc Lord are very good and viable with current gear, but by no means best in slot compared to later content (Hurricane Fury from Gloom Under Night beats Giant Axe, and 2s Stunner beats Erde when slotting npc gets implemented).  

4) MVP hunting needs to be revitalized on the server.  There have been many complaints that I’ve seen that the MVP scene is “dead”.  As someone who has arguably MVPed the most on the server, I can say I don’t MVP as much because I have already attained all the gear I want for myself and my guild.  Implementing these gears gives a very high incentive for people to MVP hunt again.

5) New valuable gear evens out the playing field again for the resurgence of players expected to return to the server on trans launch.  People just need a trap hunter to kill some of these mvps or a monk and they can sell these gears for a lot of zeny and get "back into" the game quicker than if these items did not exist.

6) There is an argument that this server wants to follow the “official timeline” for gears, but TitanRO has already deviated from that timeline (ie, transcendent release date being later and the talk of implementing lower levels of Endless Tower).  Deviating from the official timeline can be a good thing within reason and I think this deviation is very reasonable given some of the reasons I have listed above.

Thank you everyone for reading this post and considering my arguments.  Feel free to reach out to me on discord if you want to discuss anything or just write below and add to this post.

P.S. I also suggest looking at implementing trans gears into Guild Dungeon because it incentivizes WoE.  There is literally no reason to hunt in GD at the moment except for cards, but some of the trans gear in GD is very valuable.

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