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Alternate Outfits

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More cosmetic suggestions here that I think could be a lot of fun:

On another server I play on they offer alternate outfits which change the sprite of your character altogether while keeping it functionally the same. Examples include a Ranger being able to choose to still look like a hunter/sniper or a Sura being able to look like A champion/monk as they prefer. The color for stylist still affects these outfits as well. It would be cool to be able to look like an Archbishop for a priest even though we are not at 3rd classes (hell we may never implement them so they would make a great "alternate" look). You could make the price in these Titan Tokens and/or raw zeny as a zeny/token sink. 


Example of a few of the 3rd class sprites/alternate outfits below. Unlocking alternate outfits could be individual (one choice per set of tokens/zeny) or could unlock all the choices for your class at once. Options could be something like:


High Priest - Choose Sprite

High Priest(default)
Priest(Non-Trans Second)
Acolyte(First class)
Alternate 1 (Archbishop 1)
Alternate 2 (Archbishop 2)


With colors affecting any of them obviously it allows for a lot of individuality to be expressed, could be fun! 













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If we release 3rd job classes, we'll have the alternate outfits available for those classes, but for now we'll stick with normal sprites for transcendent classes.

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