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Custom New Player Experience Idea

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So I want to preface this by saying I don't think there is anything wrong with the current set up (criartura academy) per say, but that it doesn't do much for a player other than give them a basic understanding of Ragnarok Online. I think with how new and misunderstood Revo-Classic is overall it would help (and be fun) to get new players into the server in a way that helps that them understand how the game mechanics work. I am going to outline what I think makes a good introductory experience (for any game not just RO) and specifically put in some ideas on how we can accomplish this. I want to note that what I'm suggesting is pretty much going to need to be custom, but in this case I feel its ok because getting a player into the game and having fun right away is key to getting them hooked long term. I am also going to try to incorporate the new upcoming novice package into the suggestions. 

So what makes a good tutorial?

  • Explains the mechanics of the game clearly, but doesn't overwhelm new player with too much info
  • Is streamlined and straight forward, making it easy for the player to navigate the tutorial without getting lost
  • Gets a player experiencing the game mechanics right after learning about them rather than just explaining solely through text
  • Player gets to have fun and feel a sense of progress even with just learning the basics
  • Leaves the player with a clear direction of where to go next


So which of these does Criartura currently accomplish and which of these does it lack?

I would say no to point 1, 2, 3 and it succeeds at 4 and 5. 


My suggestion is to entirely customize our new player experience since not only is Revo-Classic new, but the current experience doesn't really guide you very well. You have to currently know to look up the wiki guide or ask for help or you will miss a lot of it. and a lot of it is core essentials that give you kafra passes. and if you are extremely new you may end up lacking a ton of information. 



The way I envision this is that new players have less choices in path they can make, but get to have more fun while going through a streamlined tutorial. The way to do this is to guide the player through a series of tasks that teach them the basic game mechanics. Here is an example idea (not something I expect to be implemented or is even fully fleshed out, but gets my general idea across)


  1. Novice/New Player wakes up in Sunken Ship (clone of sunken ship made just for tutorial)
  2. Novice Player Talks to NPC Who gives AGI/Bless/Heals and explains basic clicking mechanics. 
  3. Player has to kill mobs to get novice gear, maybe one mob per gear, npc then automatically explains how to equip. It also goes over which types of weapons are stronger in Revo-Classic briefly explaining that the player wants high attack level 3/4 weapons and slots, while valuable are not as important as your weapon itself. 
  4. Player then instructed by arrows to go to next room, which will explain Kafra storage and buying/selling to npc
  5. Next room has 10 kukre which drop a set item worth X zeny. Two NPCs in room. One sells an item that the other NPC wants. First NPC explains you can kill the bugs and get loot from them and how to sell them to npc and how to buy from them. The player then kills the 10 kukres, sells the fixed loot and buys the item to give to the other npc. There is also a kafra there to put any excess lot acquired away who also explains the basic fuctions of Kafra. (gives kafra storage/transport tickets as well) All of this is fixed exp and calculated including mobs.
  6. Player then instructed to go to next room. (next room will explain stats/job classes)
  7. In this room there will be a bunch of non aggressive Skeletons and a valkyrie NPC who explains the different classes to the players and what they can do briefly. The player can then change into one of the first classes (temporarily only for tutorial) by talking to the valkyrie and choosing one of the classes to test out. When changed the players stats will automatically be buffed to an appropriate level for the first class (again, temporarily) and they gain access to specific abilities(example would be Mage getting FireBolt/Thunderstorm/Firewall and a Swordsman getting Magnum Break/Bash)for that class for the rest of the tutorial. The player can swap between any of the classes in this room at will trying out all the classes. The Valkyrie asks for 10 items which the skeletons drop at 100% to advance to the next room. Once the player gives her 10 of an item they are locked to the class they currently are for the rest of the tutorial. The Skeletons give no exp and the Valkyrie gives a set amount of exp once you decide to move forward as to prevent over leveling here. Before choosing a class in the first place, I want to note, the Valkyrie goes over stats briefly and the benefits of each in Revo-Classic mechanics. When a player chooses a first class the stats are automatically buffed (just given a buff, not actually changing their base stats) and the Valkyrie explains how these stats benefit their class. (just basic stuff like a Mage getting INT and an archer getting dex, swordy getting STR, etc.)
  8. Player instructed to go to next room which goes over 2nd classes and gives them their Novice package.
  9. In the final room there is a trans class npc who will explain 2nd classes very briefly to the player and how each class has choices to make once they hit job 40 to 50 as their first class. The trans class npc will then ask for help killing a boss (heavily modified MVP). The player can then choose a 2nd class from the first they chose to fight the boss. The boss in this scenario will probably be a super modded version of something like Dark Lord. Dark Lord in this case could only do a much slower casting, much weaker meteor storm and is immobile. The player then has to kill Dark Lord  with text appearing at the top of the screen explaining how to use their abilities to kill Dark Lord. Certain abilities are automatically set to their hot keys (Q W E R) and the player then kills. This sounds complicated, but its acutally simple. An example would be a priest. being instructed to use Magnus Excorcismus and/or Holy Light. A Monk being told to summon spheres > fury, then g fist. A hunter being told to double strafe, a knight told to use bowling bash, etc. the player in its temporary 2nd class state will get stronger buffs to adapt to to the mvp at hand and given access to these set abilities for the boss fight. when they kill the mvp they get the flash of MVP above and the MVP drops either the novice package itself or an item they can exchange at the academy for a novice package. Upon killing the MVP, the last npc will thank them for their help, return them to novice state/remove buffs, and port them to the academy. Explaining to them that the 2nd floor is where they can choose their job and get ported to said job change. the entire tutorial should be fixed and leave them at job level 10. 



While this is extremely elaborate, it was just a fun idea I wanted to get down on paper, and no it would be A LOT of work to implement something like this. But a new player experience is the first thing a player sees and if you put a lot of work into making it fun/easy/informative that goes a long way to retaining players. I currently think its something overlooked right now with how confusing the academy can be without a guide. There are other aspects as well i didn't go over in my mock tutorial such as partying with others, making parties, using chat channels, etc. Stuff unique to Titan RO that can also be included such as spotlight maps, costume eggs ,etc. Just basic information. 


The general idea here was to make the player get into playing the game right away while not giving them many paths to take so they don't get lost, confused or frustrated. Making a player have to kill mobs, fight a boss, and collect items/sell items gets them into playing RO right away and gives them a feel for the game. I also think almost every server I've played really doesn't give players a chance to feel how fun RO can be when you are first starting out. Getting a taste of 2nd class right out f the gate or even 1st class alone will be fun for a player. RO already sort of does this with manuals giving you access to certain abilities as a novice, but its kind of wonky and unclear imo.  


Again, I'm NOT suggesting we do the exact scenario above, its just a loosely made example of the general idea here. Things we CAN do. I'm sure there are a lot of flaws and the idea can be improved upon or stream lined even further but I wanted to get my thoughts out there. 

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We'll add more helpful footprint paths for players to guide them to the Criatura Academy, and add some NPCs to demonstrate TitanRO custom features, but we're planning on keeping the Criatura Academy experience mostly intact.

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