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Maintenance #15: Hub, Community Egg, WoE rotation

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TitanRO Hub

Today's maintenance adds a TitanRO Hub area in Eden. There is a warper to Eden area in most major towns. The following services and NPCs are available in the new hub area:

  • You can use vending (without autotrade) and create chats.
  • Innkeeper to save location or heal HP/SP.
  • Kafra with storage access.
  • Stylist.
  • PvP Warper.
  • Stat Regretter and skill reset Hypnotist.
  • Airship representative has moved from Yuno to Eden, and allows you to warp to many towns for a set fee.
  • Bounty boards are now all located in Eden instead of individual towns.

Community Costume Egg

Today's maintenance brings our first Community Costume Egg, based on player suggestions! You can purchase an egg in your Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. Huge congratulations to our winners!

Fish Head Hat:


Dragoon Helm:


Antique Pipe:


Giant Helm:


Shiba Inu:


Fallen Angel Blessing:


Imp Hat:


Round Eyes:


Flying Galapago:


Cat Ear Cape:


WoE castle rotation
War of Emperium castles have rotated for November/December to the following castles:

  1. aldeg_cas02 Hohenschwangau (access to Aldebaran + Payon guild dungeons)
  2. prtg_cas02 Swanhild (access to Prontera + Geffen guild dungeons)



Other updates

  • Reaching base level 99 now announces a congratulatory message to the server to recognize your accomplishments. If you reach base level 99 of a transcendent class, you will also receive a reward of 25 Titan Tokens and a special Helm of Valhalla costume item (account-bound).
  • Navigation system has been updated to include the most recent content, including Odin Temple.
  • After a World Event invasion event ends, dead players in town will be resurrected.
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