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Maintenance #16: Hub updates, Halloween end

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For this week's update, we've focused on some improvements to last week's hub area.

  • The camera rotation and zoom are unlocked when in the hub area.
  • There is a tool dealer added who sells commonly available items.
  • The upstairs Storage Kafra is moved closer to the staircase.
  • The save point for the Inn NPC is moved closer to the staircase.
  • The Airship representative can now warp to Yuno as well.
  • Additional Eden warpers are added around Kafras in Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Alberta, Yuno, Lighthalzen, and Einbech.

Halloween event has ended.

  • Prontera loses its spooky Halloween appearance.
  • Pumpkin Hat drop chance for Pumpkin Pie is significantly reduced (25% -> 0.1%).

Card suffixes have been updated. For example, Spore Card in a Clip should now read "Clip of Spore" instead of "Clip Spore".

Spiral Pierce requirement changed from Spear Mastery 10 to Spear Mastery 5, to follow the updated skill tree requirements from Revo-Classic.

  • All existing Lord Knight characters have been sent 1 character-bound Neuralizer to allow them to reset their skills as a result of this change.

Guild castles from September/October castle rotation have been reset to unowned.

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