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WoE stats 2018-11-10

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Castle Breaks
**Hohenschwangau** (Al de Baran 2)
18:13:22    SideQuest
18:23:25    RO Buddies

**Swanhild** (Prontera 2)
17:21:41    Evil Council
17:41:26    RO Buddies
17:45:05    SideQuest
18:01:25    RO Buddies
18:25:17    Evil Council
18:35:48    Mind Games
18:49:28    Evil Council
18:55:02    Mind Games

Kill Counts
373 kills/deaths

126 kills/deaths

Top kills
75 kills: dasitmane (RO Buddies)
63 kills: Elara (RO Buddies)
55 kills: Warr (SideQuest)
45 kills: Dome (SideQuest)
42 kills: Entreri (SideQuest)

Top deaths
29 deaths: Lab Assistant (Mind Games)

Deadliest skills
96 kills: Asura Strike
80 kills: Final Strike
77 kills: Sonic Blow
71 kills: Storm Gust
54 kills: Cart Termination

Items used
1604 White Potion (1101 brewed, 311 BG reward)
1450 Blue Potion (1043 brewed, 351 BG reward)
9 Green Potion
2741 Condensed White Potion (2741 brewed)

0 Honey
0 Royal Jelly
0 Grape Juice
0 Lemon
50 Strawberry
43 Fresh Fish
85 Mastela Fruit

46 Butterfly Wing
40 Awakening Potion
36 Berserk Potion
32 Authoritative Badge (8 BG reward)
22 Speed Potion
15 Crystal Fragment

229 Yellow Gemstone
70 Red Gemstone
229 Blue Gemstone
28 Trap
303 Bottle Grenade (151 brewed, 152 BG reward)
348 Acid Bottle (162 brewed, 186 BG reward)
0 Plant Bottle
4 Glistening Coat
117 Cobweb
52 Poison Bottle

Highest single hit done
56487 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
1,334,717 damage: Aaron (RO Buddies)
646,553 damage: dasitmane (RO Buddies)
594,644 damage: Elara (RO Buddies)
451,614 damage: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games)
274,196 damage: SiUnyil (Mind Games)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
525,310 damage: heyP (SideQuest)
403,800 damage: kicks by eung (SideQuest)
370,342 damage: SiUnyil (Mind Games)
312,338 damage: Maple (Mind Games)
272,031 damage: Dome (SideQuest)

Most emperium damage done
634 damage: Kuroyukihime (RO Buddies)

Most support skills used
461 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
162 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)
112 casts: First (SideQuest)
85 casts: Castaspella (Mind Games)
78 casts: Elara (RO Buddies)

Most healing done
28,025: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
21,106: Nasty Time (Evil Council)
14,726: First (SideQuest)
6,048: SiUnyil (Mind Games)

Most zeny used (skills)
96,000z: Warr (SideQuest)

Most SP used
57,150: Aaron (RO Buddies)

Most ammo used
234: GunSlinger (RO Buddies)

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