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Maintenance #17: BG Happy Hour, New World Events

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Today's update focuses on Battlegrounds and our World Events system.

Battlegrounds Happy Hour

For Battlegrounds, we have added a BG Happy Hour system, to encourage people to get some BG started, at random times throughout the week. BG Happy Hour has the following details:

  • 10% chance to trigger each hour, for 1 hour.
  • Increases badge rewards to 125%.
  • Minimum players to start a round reduced to 4 players from 10 players, to encourage people to join queue, and to keep them going.

Battlegrounds Rewards

We have added Poison Bottles and Foods to the available Battlegrounds rewards:

  • War of Emperium bound Stat foods (+5) are 6 food items for 8 badges.
  • War of Emperium Poison Bottles are 5 bottles for 4 badges.
  • Titan Token badge cost has been reduced to 75 badges, from 150 badges.



For our World Events that happen all weekend long, we have added two new non-combat events:

Disguise Event

In this event, the NPC will disguise as a random monster and the first person to say the name of the disguised monster earns 1 Titan Token. This continues until 15 successful rounds. This event takes place upstairs in the Eden Group area.



This diabolical chicken will do its best to keep its Titan Tokens away from you, but if you're lucky enough you will get 5 Titan Tokens from him. This continues until 15 Titan Tokens have been retrieved. The Cluckers event spawns downstairs at the Eden Group. Careful of explosions; be sure to have a convenient save point! The chance to successfully retrieve tokens from Cluckers is 0.93%, so you will need persistence more than anything else to succeed at this event.


With the addition of these new events, the World Event system has a 40% chance to start an Invasion, 40% chance to start a Disguise Event, and 20% chance to start the Cluckers event.

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