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Hey folks. Long time RO player here. Looking for a new server to lay down roots. Figured I'd give this one a try. How's woe and the pvp scene? Big guilds or lots of small ones? annnd, anyone feel like leveling with me since there's an awesome party bonus per member on screen? :D

Also, end game leveling? Just job board spamming/Gramps like iRO?

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WoE is mostly 3 guilds at the moment, so there's always fights going on (since there are 2 castles). PvP is mostly done in the form of Battlegrounds, which recently got a Happy Hour to lower team requirements and make them run more :D they're pretty fun imo, we have like... 4 or 5 different modes?


As for end game leveling, that can be done through boards, but parties generally give way more exp/h (like pretty much anywhere else, really).

Depending on how well the party is set up, people sometimes don't hand thwir boards in and just stay, especially in areas where 1. It takes several minutes to get back and 2. When the map/monster/dungeon is spotlighted.

It's basically "do we get more exp killing stuff in the time it takes to go back to the board and come back here? Ok, let's not go back then" :P

I'd definitely recommend joining a guild, since that's where a lot of the parties are happening.

Enjoy your stay! ❤


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