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Maintenance #18

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Minor website update

  • Now that we consider the mobile client to be stable and here to stay, the TitanRO mobile client download link has been added to the website main navigation bar.
  • The Info link now directs to our wiki page for the Introduction to TitanRO instead of our forum post summarizing server features.

Miscellaneous updates


  • Cool Event and Kafra warper voting staff have been added to the Titan Hub area.
    • When 20 votes have been recorded, the winning side will have warps available for a period of 6 days based on the number of consecutive times that side has won.
      • Kafra possible warps
        1. Toy Factory Level 2
        2. Clock Tower B3
        3. Magma Dungeon Level 2
      • Cool Event possible warps
        1. Byalan Dungeon Level 3
        2. Clock Tower 3F
        3. Glast Heim Entrance
  • The Stalker skill Reject Sword no longer has a requirement of level 1 Strip Weapon, to match renewal skill trees.
    • All current Stalker class characters have been mailed 1 non-storable, non-tradable Neuralizer for a free skill reset.
  • Ghost Bandana now correctly reduces Ghost property damage by 10% (previously 0%).
  • The monster disguise World Event has had its list updated to remove event monsters and reduce the chance of repeats.

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