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WoE stats 2018-12-01

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Castle Breaks
**Hohenschwangau** (Al de Baran 2)

**Swanhild** (Prontera 2)

Kill Counts
305 kills/deaths

40 kills/deaths

Top kills
114 kills: dasitmane (RO Buddies)
74 kills: Elara (RO Buddies)
49 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies)
19 kills: Dome (SideQuest)
19 kills: Warr (SideQuest)

Top deaths
72 deaths: Clamps (Planet Express)

Deadliest skills
115 kills: Final Strike
73 kills: Asura Strike
50 kills: Storm Gust
44 kills: Sonic Blow
19 kills: Cart Termination

Items used
955 White Potion (579 brewed, 227 BG reward)
961 Blue Potion (541 brewed, 396 BG reward)
0 Green Potion
2052 Condensed White Potion (2052 brewed)

0 Honey
0 Royal Jelly
0 Grape Juice
0 Lemon
87 Strawberry
86 Fresh Fish
0 Mastela Fruit

30 Butterfly Wing
25 Awakening Potion
10 Berserk Potion
43 Authoritative Badge (37 BG reward)
34 Speed Potion
0 Crystal Fragment

73 Yellow Gemstone
45 Red Gemstone
40 Blue Gemstone
0 Trap
79 Bottle Grenade (79 BG reward)
79 Acid Bottle (79 brewed)
0 Plant Bottle
0 Glistening Coat
173 Cobweb
48 Poison Bottle (47 BG reward)

Highest single hit done
57177 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
1,424,012 damage: Aaron (RO Buddies)
958,219 damage: dasitmane (RO Buddies)
467,427 damage: Elara (RO Buddies)
323,111 damage: BosseAlch (SideQuest)
297,964 damage: Kuroyukihime (RO Buddies)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
911,602 damage: Clamps (Planet Express)
441,077 damage: Dome (SideQuest)
395,359 damage: Maple (AnomaIy)
368,295 damage: BosseAlch (SideQuest)
267,532 damage: Nasty Time (Evil Council)

Most emperium damage done
328 damage: Clamps (Planet Express)

Most support skills used
277 casts: First (SideQuest)
262 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
199 casts: Nala (RO Buddies)
163 casts: Jack Links (SideQuest)
86 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies)

Most healing done
96,246: Nala (RO Buddies)
67,072: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)
17,217: First (SideQuest)
2,501: Tsuki (AnomaIy)

Most zeny used (skills)
21,000z: Warr (SideQuest)

Most SP used
66,029: Vaahn Eon Alexandros (SideQuest)

Most ammo used
130: dasitmane (RO Buddies)

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