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Community Roundtable / Q&A: 2018-12-15

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On December 15 after War of Emperium we will be having our first recorded Community Roundtable / Q&A discussion where staff is around to answer pre-written and live questions and comments to talk about TitanRO past, present, and future. This event is open to all current TitanRO players, former TitanRO players, and anyone interested in the server.

View event in your local timezone: http://bit.ly/2zBFH4t

We will be streaming and recording the discussion on Twitch and discord. If you can't make the time and you'd like to leave a question or comment for us to talk about, please add a reply to this thread or send me a direct message in the forum or discord.

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Some questions I plan to address regardless of what else comes up:

  • How is TitanRO running off no donations, no cash shop?
    • How sustainable is this long term?
  • Why are we using revo-classic mechanics instead of just pre-renewal or renewal?
  • Is there like a goal or mission statement for TitanRO?
    • What's the measurement for deciding if something should be changed/added?
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What are your thoughts on endgame bosses not being killable without cheese tactics?( portal fisting, icewall and ledge bugging)

Any plans on making defense from upgrade and gear mor attractive? Right now theres no incentive to upgrade unless its for a specific card treshold.

Looking forward to the Q/A!

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If TitanRO was a steak, what'd be the juiciest, most yummy part?

I noticed TitanRO on a facebook advertisement: Why should I join, why is it appealing to me as someone, who plays on another server already?

I'm a casual player, I play ~12 hours a week. Will I be able to achieve anything on this server?

I'm a new player, somebody is being an 'asshole' to me: Could I report an 'asshole' and would they get their due punishment?

I'm a new player: Will I be bombarded with elitist opinions on how I should play this game?


Those are the situations and questions, which came to my mind, right now.

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I cannot make it to the live stream, so I am going to write my questions here. Thank you TitanRO staff in advance!

What are your thoughts about:

  • adding more field spotlights (maybe 2 more) and one more dungeon spotlight as we go through progressions
  • hosting GvG (6v6 match, preferably a live event where Troj is visible and speculating) perhaps when population picks up
  • implementing a guild storage with passcode only accessible by guildmaster
  • adjusting the exp curve for first class trans, making it less gruesome
  • altering the novice grounds, since I saw past discussions on adding a guide feature like footsteps and I am curious to hear in what way these guide features will be added to novice grounds

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