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Update #13: Champion mob spawns, Mob stats revisited

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Added champion mob spawns. These are tougher versions of the normal monsters and offer more experience. They currently have the same drops as their normal counterparts, but they will later have increased drop rates, or drop event items. 


All types:

  • 2.5x base exp
  • 9x job exp
  • 5x hp
  • 1.5x to 2x damage

Swift: +25% move speed

Solid: 10x hp instead, -20% move speed

Ringleader: Summons 2 copies of its normal mob

Furious: Faster aspd

Elusive:  No special modifications

Updated the mob database. Now mobs are using DEF/MDEF and base stats from renewal (continuing to use drops, exp, hp, level from pre-renewal).

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Champion monster spawn locations:

abbey02    Swift Zombie Slaughter
gl_prison    Solid Zombie Prisoner
gld_dun04    Zombie Master Ringleader
pay_dun00    Furious Zombie
schg_dun01    Elusive Zakudam
prt_fild03    Swift Yoyo
ayo_fild02    Solid Yoyo
pay_fild06    Wormtail Ringleader
um_fild02    Furious Wootan Fighter
mosk_dun01    Elusive Wood Goblin
moc_fild03    Swift Wolf
gl_step    Solid Wind Ghost
pay_fild01    Willow Ringleader
um_fild04    Furious Wild Rose
gon_dun03    Elusive Evil Nymph
gl_sew01    Solid Whisper
treasure_n2    Weak Skeleton Ringleader
gl_cas02    Furious Wanderer
gefenia04    Elusive Violy
gefenia03    Swift Violy
gefenia02    Solid Violy
ein_fild04    Venomous Ringleader
juperos_01    Furious Venatu
mosk_dun03    Elusive Vavayaga
ra_san01    Swift Vanberk
iz_dun01    Solid Vadon
ein_fild02    Ungoliant Ringleader
ma_fild01    Elusive Tiyanak
prt_sewb4    Solid Thief Bug
prt_sewb3    Thief Bug Ringleader
prt_sewb2    Furious Thief Bug
beach_dun3    Elusive Thara Frog
ein_fild03    Swift Teddy Bear
mjo_dun01    Tarou Ringleader
ayo_dun02    Furious Tamruan
gl_sew03    Elusive Sting
lhz_fild02    Swift Stem Worm
moc_fild13    Solid Steel Chonchon
ve_fild07    Stapo Ringleader
beach_dun2    Furious Stalactic Golem
prt_fild02    Elusive Stainer
treasure_n1    Swift Spore
tur_dun02    Solid Solider
pay_dun02    Soldier Skeleton Ringleader
pay_dun01    Furious Soldier Skeleton
tha_t09    Elusive Lady Solace
pay_dun03    Swift Sohee
ice_dun02    Solid Snowier
pay_fild02    Boa Ringleader
ayo_fild01    Furious Smokie
yuno_fild06    Elusive Sleeper
yuno_fild02    Swift Sleeper
odin_tem02    Solid Skogul
gld2_pay    Skeleton General Ringleader
gld_dun01_2    Furious Skeleton General
mjo_dun03    Elusive Skeleton Worker
ice_dun01    Swift Siroma
mosk_fild02    Solid Side Winder
mjolnir_03    Side Winder Ringleader
ama_dun03    Furious Shinobi
tha_t11    Elusive Mistress of Shelter
hu_fild06    Swift Shellfish
lhz_dun03    Solid Cecil Damon
cmd_fild04    Sea Otter Ringleader
iz_dun05    Furious Lamp Rey
moc_fild18    Elusive Scorpion
mjolnir_09    Swift Savage Babe
prt_maze01    Solid Savage
mjolnir_07    Savage Ringleader
moc_fild16    Furious Sandman
thor_v03    Elusive Salamander
treasure01    Swift Sailor Skeleton
ra_fild12    Solid Roween
prt_fild00    Roda Frog Ringleader
gef_fild01    Furious Roda Frog
prt_fild07    Elusive Rocker
tha_t01    Swift Rideword
c_tower1    Solid Rideword
gon_fild01    Dumpling Child Ringleader
tha_t10    Furious Baroness of Retribution
tha_t08    Elusive Baroness of Retribution
tha_t07    Swift Baroness of Retribution
in_sphinx2    Solid Requiem
lhz_dun01    Remover Ringleader
gl_knt02    Swift Raydric
gl_knt01    Solid Raydric
lhz_dun02    Laurell Weinder Ringleader
cmd_fild07    Elusive Raggler
lhz_fild01    Swift Rafflesia
lhz_fild01    Poring Ringleader
lhz_fild01    Furious Poring
lhz_fild01    Elusive Poring
gef_fild07    Swift Poring
ein_fild09    Solid Porcellio
prt_maze03    Poporing Ringleader
prt_maze02    Furious Poporing
pay_fild04    Elusive Poporing
ama_dun02    Swift Poison Toad
mjolnir_06    Solid Poison Spore
odin_tem03    Plasma Ringleader
iz_dun00    Furious Plankton
ein_dun01    Elusive Pitman
moc_fild12    Furious Picky
iz_dun03    Elusive Phen
gef_fild08    Swift Petite
gef_fild06    Solid Petite
treasure02    Penomena Ringleader
alde_dun03    Furious Penomena
moc_fild02    Elusive Peco Peco
in_sphinx5    Swift Pasana
um_fild03    Solid Parasite
tha_t05    Owl Duke Ringleader
gef_fild10    Furious Orc Warrior
orcsdun01    Elusive Orc Zombie
orcsdun02    Swift Orc Skeleton
gef_fild03    Solid Orc Lady
tha_t12    Dame of Sentinel Ringleader
ein_fild05    Furious Noxious
hu_fild05    Elusive Novus
hu_fild04    Swift Novus
hu_fild02    Solid Novus
hu_fild01    Novus Ringleader
mag_dun02    Furious Nightmare Terror
gl_chyard_    Elusive Wraith Dead (Nightmare)
gl_cas02_    Furious Wanderer (Nightmare)
abbey03    Necromancer Ringleader
xmas_dun02    Furious Myst Case
ve_fild04    Elusive Muscipular
moc_pryd03    Swift Mummy
moc_pryd02    Solid Mummy
moc_fild01    Muka Ringleader
moc_fild22    Furious Incarnation of Morroc
moc_fild21    Elusive Incarnation of Morroc
moc_fild20    Swift Incarnation of Morroc
ein_fild06    Solid Holden
ama_dun01    Miyabi Doll Ringleader
moc_prydn1    Furious Minorous
moc_pryd05    Elusive Minorous
in_sphinx4    Swift Minorous
ein_dun02    Solid Mineral
bif_fild01    Miming Ringleader
moc_prydn2    Furious Mimic
moc_pryd06    Elusive Mimic
cmd_fild09    Swift Metaller
ein_fild08    Solid Metaling
ein_fild07    Metaling Ringleader
iz_dun04    Furious Merman
beach_dun    Swift Medusa
mjo_dun02    Solid Martin
gl_in01    Marionette Ringleader
xmas_fild01    Furious Marin
in_sphinx3    Elusive Marduk
prt_maze03    Swift Mantis
gef_fild04    Solid Mandragora
ma_dun01    Manananggal Ringleader
gl_dun02    Furious Majoruros
prt_fild09    Elusive Magnolia
ve_fild03    Swift Magmaring
prt_fild08    Solid Lunatic
prt_fild01    Lunatic Ringleader
niflheim    Furious Lude
nif_fild02    Swift Loli Ruri
gon_dun02    Solid Enchanted Peach Tree
new_1-3    Baby Poring Ringleader
bif_fild02    Furious Little Fatum
lou_dun01    Elusive Jing Guai
mosk_dun02    Swift Les
gld_dun01    Solid Leib Olmai
ayo_dun01    Leaf Cat Ringleader
ra_fild06    Swift Kobold Archer
ra_fild05    Solid Kobold
thor_v02    Knocker Ringleader
mjolnir_08    Furious Beetle King
thor_v01    Elusive Kasa
ama_fild01    Swift Karakasa
moc_pryd04    Solid Isis
ra_san02    Isilla Ringleader
gl_prison1    Furious Injustice
lou_fild01    Elusive Mi Gao
ice_dun03    Swift Ice Titan
lou_dun02    Yao Jun Ringleader
gef_dun00    Furious Hunter Fly
prt_fild05    Elusive Hornet
pay_fild09    Solid Horn
ra_san03    Hodremlin Ringleader
moc_fild17    Furious Hode
ra_fild04    Elusive Hill Wind
ra_fild03    Swift Hill Wind
alde_dun02    Solid High Orc
yuno_fild04    Harpy Ringleader
yuno_fild03    Furious Harpy
cmd_fild01    Elusive Grove
pay_fild10    Swift Greatest General
yuno_fild09    Solid Grand Peco
yuno_fild08    Grand Peco Ringleader
cmd_fild06    Furious Golem
prt_fild11    Elusive Goblin
gef_fild11    Swift Goblin
yuno_fild11    Solid Goat
yuno_fild07    Goat Ringleader
gld2_prt    Furious Dark Hammer Kobold
gld_dun03_2    Elusive Dark Hammer Kobold
gld2_gef    Swift Dark Shadow
gld_dun04_2    Solid Dark Shadow
gld_dun02    Giant Hornet Ringleader
nameless_n    Furious Ghoul
gef_dun01    Elusive Ghoul
yuno_fild12    Swift Geographer
yuno_fild01    Solid Geographer
glast_01    Gargoyle Ringleader
gl_sew02    Furious Gargoyle
ve_fild01    Elusive Galion
cmd_fild02    Swift Seal
tur_dun05    Solid Freezer
tur_dun03    Freezer Ringleader
abyss_01    Furious Ferus
prt_sewb1    Elusive Familiar
gefenia01    Swift False Angel
prt_fild06    Solid Fabre
pay_fild03    Fabre Ringleader
mag_dun01    Furious Explosion
gl_church    Elusive Evil Druid
prt_fild10    Swift Elder Willow
mjolnir_02    Solid Elder Willow
ra_san04    Echio Ringleader
mjolnir_12    Furious Dustiness
um_fild01    Swift Dryad
ve_fild02    Solid Drosera
moc_fild07    Drops Ringleader
mjolnir_04    Furious Driller
in_sphinx1    Elusive Drainliar
tur_dun01    Swift Dragon Tail
nyd_dun01    Solid Draco
pay_dun04    Furious Dokebi
nif_fild01    Elusive Disguise
jupe_core    Swift Dimik
gef_dun02    Solid Deviruchi
ra_fild01    Baby Desert Wolf Ringleader
moc_fild11    Furious Baby Desert Wolf
cmd_fild08    Elusive Deniro
tha_t06    Swift Death Word
tha_t04    Solid Death Word
tha_t03    Death Word Ringleader
gl_chyard    Furious Dark Priest
lou_dun03    Elusive Zhu Po Long
gef_fild05    Swift Creamy
iz_dun02    Solid Cornutus
xmas_dun01    Cookie Ringleader
kh_kiehl01    Furious Constant
dew_dun01    Elusive Comodo
gef_fild09    Swift Coco
gef_fild02    Solid Coco
c_tower4    Clock Ringleader
c_tower2    Furious Clock
gef_fild00    Elusive Chonchon
lhz_dun04    Celia Ringleader
gld_dun03    Furious Caterpillar
gl_cas01    Elusive Carat
mjolnir_01    Swift Caramel
ma_fild02    Solid Bungisngis
odin_tem01    Breeze Ringleader
lhz_fild03    Furious Breeze
gon_dun01    Swift Bloody Butterfly
pay_fild07    Bigfoot Ringleader
alde_dun04    Furious Bathory
arug_dun01    Elusive Banshee Master
abbey01    Swift Banshee
dew_dun02    Solid Banaspaty
tur_dun04    Assaulter Ringleader
mjolnir_10    Furious Argos
mjolnir_11    Elusive Argiope
mjolnir_05    Swift Argiope
gl_dun01    Solid Arclouze
alde_dun01    Arclouze Ringleader
juperos_02    Furious Apocalypse
gl_sew04    Furious Anolian
gld2_ald    Elusive Angra Mantis
gld_dun02_2    Swift Angra Mantis
anthell02    Solid Andre
tha_t02    Ancient Mimic Ringleader
ra_fild08    Furious Anacondaq
prt_fild04    Elusive Ambernite
dew_fild01    Swift Rafflesia Arnoldi
cmd_fild03    Solid Alligator
kh_dun01    Aliza Ringleader
kh_dun02    Furious Alicel
c_tower3    Elusive Alarm
ra_san05    Swift Agav
abyss_03    Solid Acidus
abyss_02    Acidus Ringleader


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