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Content Update: Rachel, Ice Dungeon, Winter Event, Socket Enchant

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This week's content update brings access to Rachel town, Rachel Sanctuary, Ice Dungeon, and surrounding fields.


Rachel is the capital of the Arunafeltz States, serving as the nation's center for both politics and religion. Despite the everyday bustle of a heavy populated area, visitors commonly experience an atmosphere of quiet and calm. This sense of serenity is partially attributed to the natural beauty, the savanna fields and green grasslands that surround Rachel, but it is mostly accredited to the centered, gentle demeanor of Rachel's citizenry.

Ice Dungeon

At the northern region of the Arunafeltz lies a vast frozen tundra. This barren land holds little life beyond a handful of carnivorous plants. They say though, hidden somewhere here is a mysterious cave of solid ice.

Within the caves are an assortment of ice monsters. Within the deepest depths of the cave lies a great magic seal bound by Thor's everlasting fire, and protected by the great Ice Salamander Ktullanux. What secret might be hidden here?

Rachel Sanctuary

Rachel Sanctuary requires donations and a quest before players can access it.

  • Donations totaling 250,000,000z need to be reached before Rachel Sanctuary dungeon can be entered.
  • Players can donate 50,000z at a time, and a have a chance of receiving one of the following:
    • Mastela Fruit: 39%
    • Yggdrasil Seed: 12%
    • Yggdrasil Berry: 12%
    • Blue Potion: 11%
    • Dead Branch: 8%
    • Gift Box: 7%
    • Royal Jelly: 5%
    • Honey: 5%
    • Titan Token: 0.4%
    • Old Blue Box: 0.3%
    • Old Violet Box: 0.2%
    • Old Card Album: 0.1%

Socket Enchant

TitanRO now has the master craftsmen Seiyablem and Leablem available to work on adding sockets to items for adventurers in need. Each of the craftsmen can attempt to upgrade different items, and rarer items have both a higher cost and a lower chance of success. Failure breaks the original item, so be careful! For more information on which items can be upgraded, and locations of the craftsmen, see https://irowiki.org/wiki/Socket_Enchant

Card Remover NPC

For rare cards (or rare equipment), there is a now a card remover NPC available in the TitanRO Hub area, in the room to the right of the main lobby. The Wise Old Woman charges 1,000,000z per card in the item per attempt, with a 4% chance to succeed at removing all the cards from the item.

Winter Event

Across Rune-Midgard there are many holiday themed monsters, such as Christmas Goblin, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Cookie, and Antonio. These monsters drop items such as Candy, Wrapping Paper, Xmas gifts, Singing Crystal Shards, and more. If you're lucky you might even find Antonio's Hat or a Santa Beard!


Santa's Workshop

  • If you manage to collect 3 stockings from Antonio, you can exchange them with Santa in his workshop for a box that can produce a random gift.
  • Louise Kim in Santa's Workshop has a wonderful fashion sense and can craft a Santa Costume for the following ingredients:
    • Cotton Shirt: 1 ea
    • Red Potion: 3 ea
    • Holy Water: 1 ea
    • Wrapping Paper: 4 ea
    • Wrapping Lace: 1 ea


Titan Hub

Santa is in the Titan Hub on the lookout for the impostor Antonio, who has been stealing presents from children. He can play a card game with you where you have to correctly guess which card he will draw. If you guess correctly 3 or more times, you will earn a random prize!

Prontera Caroller

Outside the Prontera church there is a Caroller who installed a Singing Crystal in Prontera. But Antonio came and smashed the crystal into pieces. The Caroller needs your help to gather 6 Singing Crystal Pieces to build a music box to help spread holiday cheer. After finding the Singing Crystal Pieces she will ask you for a few more items needed to complete the music box, which is an accessory that will grant your character a skill to play Christmas carols anytime.

Winter Costume Egg 1

The items from this egg can keep you warm in the cold weather, and help you look great at the same time! Be ready! Winter is coming. An egg can be purchased via the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens, and contains a random costume from the following:

Costume Lunatic Knit Hat

Costume Snow Bear Hood

Costume Blue Christmas Cheer

Costume Snowman Hat

Costume Ice Wing Ears

Costume Baby Penguin

Costume Rudolph Santa Hat

Costume Red Cat Ears Cape

Costume Brown Stole

Costume Frozen Rose

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Updated OBB, OPB, OCA, dead branch tables with Rachel content.
  • Increased duration of monster disguise world event
    • 7 minutes of notification that it is about to begin, up from 3 minutes.
    • 30 seconds between rounds, up from 10 seconds.
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