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Charlie Loves U

Kupo Club [WoE/PVM/MVP]

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Hi there! Kupo Club is a guild focused on building a community of friends who play together regularly! We participate in all facets of the game with our biggest focus being on War of Emperium (WoE). Everyone is welcome, however, as we also do lots of fun parties in PVM and like to take down big MVPs together as well. We are competitive in spirit, but refrain from getting so serious that things get toxic. Anyone is welcome regardless of skill level/aspirations. 

Join our discord at 

discord.me/kupoclub (if that link doesn't work PM me here)

Discord is essentially mandatory, but you do not have to install it to use, nor do u have to use voice chat with us. (although it is mandatory for WoE, you do not have to speak)

Every class is welcome as well, but if you aren't sure what to play we are in most need of a dedicated Minstrel main, Paladins, Scholars, and a Gypsy main.

You can often find us running around eden or prontera as our guild spot east prontera. If you have any questions you can PM me here or post in our discord. Come play with us!


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