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Maintenance #19

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Reminder: We are having a Community Roundtable / Q&A Discussion on Saturday after War of Emperium. See full details at our forum post: http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/topic/429-community-roundtable-qa-2018-12-15/


Fixed Gatling Fever damage bonus. Gatling Fever now gives a damage bonus of 10 * (skill level+2) to attacks to all size monsters.

Enabled memo on rachel fields that have no MVP monster on them:

  • ra_fild01
  • ra_fild05
  • ra_fild06
  • ra_fild10

Updated navigation system

  • Added Rachel fields and monsters.
  • Fixed navigation issues with new characters.

Updated Airship Representative warper in Titan Hub:

  • Reduced the amount of dialog before getting to the warp selection.
  • Added Aldebaran as an available destination.

Slightly reduced damage of Final Strike in guild castles while we do more comparison to other revo-classic servers to sort out any damage differences.

Removed extra message about Monster Disguise World Event countdown time.

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