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Maintenance #22: January/February WoE rotation, Daily Bounty Reward

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January/February WoE rotation

Each two months, we discuss with guild leaders and players what they'd like to see for the WoE configuration. For January and February, based on popular opinion we will be switching to 1 castle down from 2 castles, and 1 hour WoE down from 2 hours.

The new castle will be gefg_cas02 (Eeyorbriggar / Britoniah), and WoE will be from 18:00-19:00 UTC -- starting at what was previously the second hour. The castle will have access to Geffen and Prontera guild dungeons.

Bounty Board Daily Bonus

Based on player suggestions during our Community Roundtable / Q&A, we have added a daily bonus for bounty boards. The daily bonus is 3x the experience you would normally get for turning in a bounty board. This reward is automatically included when you turn in bounty boards, and resets per-character every 23 hours.


The experience bonus is 3x your highest bounty board for the day, and the bonus automatically adjusts if you turn in a better bounty board later that day:


(this would normally be 13,500 bonus based on 4,500 base experience, but we have previously earned 3,750 bonus experience)

Battlegrounds Update

  • BG costumes: We have added a new type of Battlegrounds reward -- costumes that are only attainable from Battlegrounds participation. These account-bound costumes cost 75 badges at the BG exchange NPC. Each week a new costume is available, repeating on a 10 week cycle.
    • Week 1: Costume Fire Muffler
    • Week 2: Costume Drooping Kiel
    • Week 3: Costume Magic Booster
    • Week 4: Costume Phoenix Crown
    • Week 5: Costume Republic Hat
    • Week 6: Costume Odin Mask
    • Week 7: Costume Elder Crown
    • Week 8: Costume Test Subject Aura (Red)
    • Week 9: Costume Chocolate Donut
    • Week 10: Costume Gryphon Hat
  • Increased cost of WoE-bound Bottle Grenade to 20 bottles per 8 badges, from 20 bottles per 4 badges.
  • Increased cost of WoE-bound Poison Bottle to 5 bottles per 8 badges, from 5 bottles per 4 badges.
  • Modified BG Happy Hour to only run Stone Control and Capture The Flag at 3v3 minimum queues, and not 5v5 queues.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Fixed attendance reward system for 2019.
  • Updated hourly notification messages to mention the TitanRO Discord at https://discord.me/titanro.

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