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Implement New Bounty Boards

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So with the addition of the new daily bounty this opens us up for a good opportunity to encourage people to come together at higher stakes places more regularly. My idea is to implement new bounty boards for places that may already be good exp/desireable or unique, but are less farmed due to the effort they require to set up a party to do. By giving them a bounty board it further encourages people to group up and take these down more regularly. And because its harder content, they can't be abused alone so it really encourages people to group up and play together. Guilds/Randoms would group up more often to take these down. Due to the lack of high end gear on this server, I've found that people really only do the hard content when its spotlighted. To have something that makes them always worth it (besides drops) 


We could do mobs for:

Thanatos Tower (Dame of Sentinel, Mistress of Shelter, Lady Solace, Baron of Retribution, Owl Barons, etc.)
Bio 3 (Cecil Damon, Eremes Guile, Etc.)
Odin Temple (Frus, Skeggiold, Skogul)
Rachel Sanctuary (Agav, Echio, Hodremlin, etc.)
Abyss Lake (Gold/Blue Acidus)
Ice Dungeon (Ice Titans)


The problem with the server right now is people do not farm or level unless something is really really good. Juperos is pretty much the meta for parties and the only place I see people go outside of spotlights and thats because it has good bounty boards. We could use some more high end bounty boards for higher tier leveling. 

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See this earlier post for a description of Bounty Board Expansion: http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/topic/201-bounty-boards-expansion/



We will likely use a modified list based on the original creator of the bounty board system, ZeroTigress. A list of their monsters suggested for bounty boards (and grouping by levels from 1-150) can be found at http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:ZeroTigress/Bounty_Boards_(iRO)

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