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Maintenance #24: Testing New Player Experience

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Testing New Player Experience

This week we are finalizing our New Player Experience on the Test Server. We welcome everyone to help us test out the new experience by creating a test server character and walking through the new experience. We have removed the starting boat and island, and most of the Criatura Academy NPCs have been removed, as well as completely removing the 2nd floor.


Characters will start their journey learning the basics, continue to the Academy, and from there can speak with Battle Instructor Subino to reach the new Novice Gardens.


The Novice Gardens have Job Guide NPCs for each of the 6 basic classes who will let you borrow a skill manual to try out skills from each job.

There is a Beginner Field, Intermediate Field, and an Advanced Field, each having different groups of monsters.


In these fields you may run into friendly NPCs also fighting monsters or providing helpful skills.

When you're ready to job change, talk to the relevant Guide NPC or talk to Cream Puff to take a personality quiz.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Corrected Spectral Spear self-confuse rate to 10% from 100% chance.
  • Add Novice Gardens maps (client-side and server-side).
  • Updated monster AI for targetting allied players based on active status effects.

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To speak candidly: We were hoping to release this new novice experience with today's maintenance, but weren't quite finished testing, and would rather release a well-tested experience than rush and release something with bugs.

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