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WoE stats 2019-01-26

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Castle Breaks
**Eeyolbriggar** (Geffen 2)

Kill Counts
164 kills/deaths

Top kills
48 kills: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies)
25 kills: High Wizard Kathryne (RO Buddies)
17 kills: Elara (RO Buddies)
17 kills: Saegyse (RO Buddies)
12 kills: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club)

Top deaths
12 deaths: All~Might (Kupo Club)

Deadliest skills
55 kills: Acid Demonstration
39 kills: Meteor Storm
35 kills: Storm Gust
29 kills: Asura Strike
3 kills: Sonic Blow

Items used
181 White Potion (169 brewed)
394 Blue Potion (394 brewed)
1 Green Potion
1800 Condensed White Potion (1800 brewed)

0 Honey
0 Royal Jelly
0 Grape Juice
0 Lemon
2 Strawberry
0 Fresh Fish
0 Mastela Fruit

15 Butterfly Wing
9 Awakening Potion
20 Berserk Potion
5 Authoritative Badge
78 Speed Potion
153 Crystal Fragment

113 Yellow Gemstone
4 Red Gemstone
71 Blue Gemstone
75 Trap
277 Bottle Grenade (277 BG reward)
277 Acid Bottle (212 brewed, 65 BG reward)
0 Plant Bottle
9 Glistening Coat (9 BG reward)
78 Cobweb
3 Poison Bottle (3 BG reward)

Highest single hit done
89235 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
848,987 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies)
526,038 damage: High Wizard Kathryne (RO Buddies)
422,687 damage: Saegyse (RO Buddies)
376,749 damage: KosMos (RO Buddies)
174,562 damage: Elara (RO Buddies)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
476,718 damage: Charlie Protects U (Kupo Club)
277,352 damage: Elyna (Kupo Club)
214,010 damage: All~Might (Kupo Club)
205,700 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club)
177,010 damage: Charlie Loves U (Kupo Club)

Most emperium damage done
124 damage: Clamps (Planet Express)

Most support skills used
427 casts: Zoey (RO Buddies)
373 casts: FINDING EMO (RO Buddies)
267 casts: Elyna (Kupo Club)
136 casts: Castaspella (Kupo Club)
121 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)

Most healing done
79,116: Zoey (RO Buddies)
39,239: Elyna (Kupo Club)
5,584: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council)
1,812: Green Numbers (RO Buddies)

Most zeny spent (on skills)
1,500z: Strawberry Vodka (Kupo Club)

Most SP used
40,104: High Wizard Kathryne (RO Buddies)

Most ammo used
47: Naomi Shinon (Evil Council)

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