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Launching Alpha status!

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Now that the basics are in place (including a patcher!), we're now switching to Alpha release status. The Getting Started post has been updated to include instructions for downloading and running the patcher (it's pretty simple, download it and run it in the game folder).

Alpha phase will enable work on client updates that will require clients to be patched or they'll get errors.

During alpha, we will also figure out a name for the server, and work on design for the forum, control panel, patcher, loading screens, etc.

As well as addressing miscellaneous issues that come up, the Alpha updates will address:

  • clothing palettes
  • hair colors
  • teleport level 1 instant cast (no need to press enter)
  • random treasure chest spawns across fields
  • guild Emergency Call cooldown icon
  • Vending store taxes
  • New refine UI
  • Launching instance dungeons from menu
  • Permanent "guide book" item
  • Enable guild dungeon use by allied guilds
  • WoE test room for damage vs emps, barricades, etc
  • Fixes to navigation system
  • Fixes to quests text

I expect alpha phase to be long (at least 6 weeks), as it will take significant time to contract and implement the design assets after the server's name and overall art theme is decided.

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