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WoE stats 2019-04-20

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Castle Breaks
**Bamboo Grove Hill** (Payon 5)
18:40:23    Kupo Club

Kill Counts
**Bamboo Grove Hill**
254 kills/deaths

Top kills
48 kills: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club)
36 kills: Saegyse (RO Buddies)
32 kills: Not Ryuji (RO Buddies)
29 kills: Elara (RO Buddies)
27 kills: Crash Bandicot (Kupo Club)

Top deaths
21 deaths: Not Ryuji

Deadliest skills
77 kills: Asura Strike
62 kills: Acid Demonstration
50 kills: Storm Gust
27 kills: Soul Breaker
22 kills: Shield Chain

Items used
256 White Potion (203 brewed, 48 BG reward)
1059 Blue Potion (904 brewed, 102 BG reward)
1 Green Potion
2709 Condensed White Potion (2709 brewed)

15 Butterfly Wing
22 Awakening Potion
26 Berserk Potion
31 Authoritative Badge (18 BG reward)
96 Speed Potion
84 Crystal Fragment

282 Yellow Gemstone
17 Red Gemstone
150 Blue Gemstone
34 Trap
412 Bottle Grenade (251 brewed, 161 BG reward)
412 Acid Bottle (412 brewed)
0 Plant Bottle
57 Glistening Coat (57 BG reward)
65 Cobweb
20 Poison Bottle (20 BG reward)

Highest single hit done
48,730 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
1,292,522 damage: Saegyse (RO Buddies)
951,839 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club)
495,605 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies)
478,298 damage: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club)
426,179 damage: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
509,153 damage: Chaotica (RO Buddies)
421,887 damage: Elara (RO Buddies)
368,272 damage: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club)
364,892 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies)
361,977 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club)

Most emperium damage done
167 damage: Tidus (Kupo Club)

Most support skills used
418 casts: Charlie Links U (Kupo Club)
189 casts: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club)
136 casts: Holy Kano (Kupo Club)
104 casts: MollyGreen (Kupo Club
79 casts: Elara (RO Buddies)

Most healing done
14,992: Holy Kano (Kupo Club)

Most SP used
33,883: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club)

Most ammo used
22: Naomi Shinon (Evil Council)

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