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Maintenance #36: May / June WoE rotation

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May / June WoE castle rotation


It's that time again -- we're switching to a new WoE configuration for a 2 month period. The WoE castle for May / June is payg_cas01, 'Bright Arbor'. This castle has linked guild dungeon access, able to access both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons.


Due to popular request among WoE guilds, we're moving the flag-in point further from the emp room. The new flag-in point is in green, the old flag-in point is in blue:



Mobile Client Update

  • There is an update for the mobile client to update GepardShield protections. Please make sure you are running version 248 on the download page.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • BG Happy Hour now starts at minute 0 of the hour instead of minute 59 of the hour. This means BG happy hour would trigger at 6:00 instead of 5:59.

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