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WoE stats 2019-05-04

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Castle Breaks
**Bright Arbor** (Payon 1)
18:10:07     Kupo Club

Kill Counts
**Bright Arbor**
6 kills/deaths

Top kills
3 kills: All~Might (Kupo Club)
2 kills: Tidus (Kupo Club)
1 kill: Bowjob (Playboy)

Top deaths
1 death: Vant Bray (Evil Council)
1 death: Bowjob (Playboy)
1 death: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council)
1 death: Twilight Sparkle (Playboy)
1 death: Stabby Knives (Playboy)

Deadliest skills
2 kills: Throw Spirit Sphere
1 kill: Asura Strike
1 kill: Blast Mine

Items used
47 White Potion (47 BG reward)
76 Blue Potion (35 brewed, 31 BG reward)
0 Green Potion
236 Condensed White Potion (236 brewed)

3 Butterfly Wing
7 Awakening Potion
3 Berserk Potion
2 Authoritative Badge (2 BG reward)
3 Speed Potion
0 Crystal Fragment

5 Yellow Gemstone
4 Red Gemstone
14 Blue Gemstone
5 Trap
33 Bottle Grenade (33 BG reward)
33 Acid Bottle (33 BG reward)
0 Plant Bottle
148 Glistening Coat (1 brewed, 147 BG reward)
15 Cobweb
3 Poison Bottle (3 BG reward)

Highest single hit done
28,572 damage with an Asura Strike

Highest total damage done (all WoE)
64,532 damage: All~Might (Kupo Club)
48,059 damage: Crash Bandicot
44,990 damage: Tidus (Kupo Club)
31,798 damage: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club)
29,779 damage: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club)

Highest total damage received (all WoE)
30,644 damage: Knife
30,210 damage: Tidus (Kupo Club)
27,860 damage: Crash Bandicot
19,103 damage: Stevie Wonders
18,595 damage: Strawberry Vodka

Most emperium damage done
281 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club)

Most support skills used
43 casts: slUP (Kupo Club)
6 casts: Twilight Sparkle (Playboy)
3 casts: Naomi Yuna (Evil Council)
2 casts: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club)
1 cast: All~Might (Kupo Club)

Most healing done
16,588: slUP (Kupo Club)
6,785: Twilight Sparkle (Playboy)

Most SP used
27,366: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club)

Most ammo used
50: Naomi Shinon (Kupo Club)

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