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Maintenance #37: Anniversary Costume Egg

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This month we have TitanRO's 1 year birthday! To celebrate, this costume egg is our Anniversary Costume Egg -- available for 10 Titan Tokens through the Titan Guide, this egg will randomly grant one of the following costumes:

  • 364677d7cc8a0c121ddee0e5ca205d22.gif
    Costume Ifrit Breath
  • b5db0d87b44b53dbf7dd93fc3093c520.gif
    Costume Jumping Poring
  • 75bd3b2df61a5ca63ced609e60077fc1.png
    Costume Skull Cap
  • c7dfd5130d5fdb2c07b7e1ff90da375d.gif
    Costume Rainbow Wing Ears
  • 6f3279a5ddfc2caecfa1ff6010be8007.png
    Costume Yggdrasil Crown
  • 844e6f4caaa4d7d830a7d4c953786af6.png
    Costume Party Poring Hat
  • 2f38184f6b0fb6ff8374ae396bd3d955.png
    Costume Reginleif Wings
  • 70ec7881814931a8afbfaf55d66cf0a7.png
    Costume Anniversary Star Hat
  • 86226620162d760fe37a34150c559497.png
    Costume Black Devil Mask
  • 3488ff70e3da00b65aa87a76e048afc1.gif
    Costume Floating Ice

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Addressed issue with Battlegrounds Happy Hour missing the guaranteed start at the end of WoE.

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