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Stat* Reset Discussion

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Posting this as more of a general discussion because even I'm not sure what direction we could go, but I have come to the personal conclusion that the stat reset is a little too unforgiving in its current state given that we are a revo-classic server. I originally believed the system that we had (the same one as on RE:start) to be pretty ideal as it allowed only for minor adjustments and no abuse for brewers/forgers.  However, its clear after having met multiple people who have struggled with learning Revo-Classic and the mechanics that they often find out too late to reset without spending weeks + millions of zeny to reset or more often have to reset their entire character. I think its time consider lightening up on the reset system in some ways. I'm not sure exactly how we can do this because there are obvious issues that can arise such as resets for brewers/forger resets.


To start off I guess I can say I think my personal feelings are that we can allow for more full stat resets at a higher cost (in the millions of zeny) with the caveat that an alchemist/forger cannot hit the ranked the ladder, only in the case of a full reset. (not sure if this can be coded) But I figure its the easy solution. Sure a player can still reset to a brewer and have one, but without the ability to have ranked potions they get significantly less value out of their supplies. I feel its a good compromise that would allow us to have more forgiving stat reset. 

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