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MVP Stats in Renewal are Absolutely Ridiculous and Need Addressing

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Title is my main point and I just want to address how absurd MVP statistics are. They straight up warp the state of the game on the later mvps (Gloom, Beelzebub, etc.) Let's talk about Beelzebub as the premier example of how warped having Renewal Stats on MVPs in a Pre-Renewal setting does. 

Beelzebub has too high of flee to realistically hit even with full outlandish support. You can have full hit gear, multiple phreeoni cards, humming with a perfect dex dancer/gypsy, etc. and you will never hit him in his AGI Up State. Even if you can hit him with CRIT the dmg is absymal because his DEF is so high it does pathetic dmg. You can't use a TKM because the Hell Flies, and you can't use Magic because of Magic Mirror one shotting you. Nevermind that some abilities that are supposed to be never miss are actually missing such as Soul Destroyer and Occult Impact/Investigate. The server seems to have some bugs with "never miss" in some way as I know for a fact Josh told me himself that the 25% never miss from the Hunter Set didn't work either even though it clearly should. This leaves literally the only option to kill Beelzebub is to ice wall/trap cheese. While ice wall cheese is a part of the game, it being the only option on an MVP of this caliber is a joke. It warps the game to the point where it is not even remotely close to what it was intended in classic.


While other mvps are less ridiculous than Beelzebub due to having less mechanics, they are no less over the top in their DEF/Flee/MDEF, etc. Gloom Under Night is basically unable to be hit by a 99 dex sniper which is absurd. You can kill him no problem with magic/TKM, but that physical classes are getting shafted because of absurd flee eliminates many classes from MVPing. Mastersmith, Sniper, etc. on many of these MVPs are basically non existent. Thanatos, Beelz, Gloom all have absurd DEF and/or Flee to where trying to hit them with physical damage is a joke.

I think its time to address the MVP issue. It does not matter that these bosses CAN be taken down despite their ridiculousness, its that it limits MVPing and some classes are simply eliminated. It's just a warped state of the game that is so far from what it originally was that I think its fair to say its unhealthy. I suggest we massively reduce their DEF/MDEF/Flee to where more classes have a place in MVPing. Bring them to a state closer to where they were in Pre-Renewal. I'm ok with them being harder than they were. A lot of MVPs I've seen in classic were honestly a joke, but this is too far in the opposite direction and its not fun. 

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