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aaaaaa.png.09b8b8ee60fb2a9bdd4869e62a090c83.png             EPIPHANY

Good day, everyone!


Just a brief background about our guild...

  • Epiphany started out in Ragnarok Re:Start server (rip :sob:)
  • guild members come from all over the world and planet Mars  :heh: 
  • we are a quite laid-back guild


So, what is Epiphany up to?

  • WoE: We participate in this exciting event in-game called War of Emperium. We're not the best but, we're in the process of learning more and developing our strategies :no1:
  • Events: Our guild leader and core members try to host a few events in our discord channel. This is where members get to play some games and win some awesome stuff!
  • MvP/PvM/ leveling: We have guild members that are keen with hunting MvPs. As for leveling, we organize parties in order to level up altogether :ok:

7/14/18 2nd FE WoE - Epiphany


Do you have any requirements?

  • WoE Active - We need to get our dear guild leader-Kauzimir Putin dem castles :wah:
  • Keeping up on our Discord channel - Our discord channel is active. Besides the fact that guild members are often fooling around in there, updates/guild announcements are always posted in our Discord. 
  • At least able to speak, even just a tiny bit, of English (we’re international here!) 🌍🌎🌏


We are very hopeful, excited, and determined about meeting new guild members and grow together as a team in Titan RO. :lv:


If you have any questions, clarifications, and violent reactions, feel free to message Celestelle aka Goddess and Kauz aka Nub God on discord :no1:




*guild emblem credit: Konrad Cryptic



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GR> WOE Looking for Knights Monks and Wizards especially please feel free to message above mentioned or me on Kauz#3410 or Kauz ingame


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