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Maintenance #41: Drop rates increased to 5x! July/August WoE changes

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TitanRO now has 5x drop rates, up from 3x!

  • We are still using a custom drop rate formula which is based on rolling 5 times to get the item from a given monster, rather than a direct multiplier. For rare drop rates they are equivalent, but item drop rates don't reach 100% with this method.
  • We chose to increase the drop rates on Titan after seeing other servers with drop rates closer to the experience multipliers, some even with higher drop rate than experience.
  • While we increased the overall drop rates, we nerfed the way that spotlights affect drop rate of items. Now it doubles the number of effective rolls at getting an item instead of doubling the chance. For some examples of how this changes things, see the followup post.

July/August WoE rotation - Payon 4

  • For July/August, we are rotating to Sacred Altar, payg_cas04. This castle has linked guild dungeon access to both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons.


  • For this castle we have not changed the flag-in point, which brings you to 2 rooms before the emp room.



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The increase in drop rate combined with the spotlight drops nerf has the affect of increasing the drop rate of items below a 16.5% base drop rate (on spotlight maps/monsters), and decreasing the overall drop rate of items that have higher than 16.5% base drop rate.

Basically, common items should feel about the same (with fewer 100% drop chances), and rare items should drop more often.

For more detailed information about how the 3x->5x drop rate change interacts with the spotlight drops nerf, here is some example data:

  • Imp spotlight (old system)
    • Burning Hair - 100%
    • Live Coal - 100%
    • Electric Eel[2] - 1.50%
    • Ice Fireworks - 1.20%
    • Heart Breaker[1] - 0.60%
    • Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.18%
    • Imp Card - 0.06%
  • Imp spotlight (new system)
    • Burning Hair - 97.17%
    • Live Coal - 94.37%
    • Electric Eel[2] - 2.46%
    • Ice Fireworks - 1.99%
    • Heart Breaker[1] - 1.00%
    • Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.30%
    • Imp Card - 0.10%
  • Quve spotlight (old system)
    • Ectoplasm - 100%
    • Piece of Black Cloth - 100%
    • Fly Wing - 54.20%
    • Poisonous Powder - 5.94%
    • Rough Oridecon - 0.20%
    • Quve Card - 0.06%
  • Quve spotlight (new system)
    • Ectoplasm - 97.89%
    • Piece of Black Cloth - 97.89%
    • Fly Wing - 65.13%
    • Poisonous Powder - 9.56%
    • Rough Oridecon - 0.20%
    • Quve Card - 0.10%

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