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TitanRO is Revo-Classic, combining the Classic gameplay and feel of RO with the stat and skill system of Renewal. We are a progression server, with 2-1/2-2 classes, Extended classes, Transcendent classes, and up to Odin Temple currently unlocked.


  • Base and job experience: 5x
  • Quest experience: 3x
  • Drop rate: 3x
  • Card drop rate: 3x
  • Miniboss drop rate: 3x
  • Miniboss card drop rate: 1x
  • MVP drop rate: 1x
  • MVP card drop rate: 1x

Release Date

  • TitanRO launched on May 25, 2018.

Revo Classic Features


  • Max level:
    • 99/50 and 99/70 for Transcended classes.
  • Monster drops, levels, hp and experience values
  • Experience and drop system:
    • No penalty based on your level like in Renewal.
  • Experience table
  • Fixed cast time component of renewal skills has been removed, replaced with variable cast times.


  • Stat system:
    • This allows more variety in builds, instead of most builds within a job following the same stat progression.
  • Skill system:
    • The skills from Classic remain largely unchanged, except for a few which got rebalanced to work with the Renewal stat system.
  • Item stats:
    • While we don’t drop any Renewal exclusive items, the items do use the Renewal stats to be in line with the stat system that goes with it.


Titan Features

iRO ASPD Formula

  • The original kRO ASPD formula does not scale well with Agi and ASPD bonuses. We decided to use the iRO formula to make the gameplay feel faster and thus smoother.

Limited Stat Reset

  • Our stat reset system allows you to reset a few points every week at a zeny cost.

Stylist NPC

  • Deep down we all know that RO is just a fashion game and that the official servers lack the color options to bring out the look that you so desperately want for your character, so we fixed that.

Spotlight Monsters/Maps

  • Every 3 days a set of random maps and monsters are randomly chosen to give bonus experience and drop rates.

WoE dates/times

  • War of Emperium is once weekly on Saturdays, 17:00 - 19:00 UTC (link)

WoE card boost

  • Some basic WoE cards have their drop rates doubled, to make gearing for WoE less of a grind: Thara Frog Card, Hydra Card, Marc Card.

Bot shield

  • We have licensed Gepard Shield anticheat to prevent botting and nodelay client modifications.

Active party boost

  • When in a party, you will receive bonus experience for each party member present on screen when a monster is killed.

Champion Monsters (link)

  • You will find some Champion monsters as you explore Rune-Midgard, providing an extra challenge for extra rewards.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Channel chat system including #main, #trade, #support, #map, #party and ability to create your own channels.
  • @guildhp command to see guild member's HP bars outside of party.
  • Hunting boards are available to get extra exp when killing the same monster repeatedly. (link)
  • Heal skill reverted to classic formula based on Int + Level rather than MATK. (link)
  • Using a 2018 client version with features like one click identifying and hotlinking items to chat.

Available @commands:

  • @monsterinfo / @iteminfo
  • @whosells
  • @autotrade
  • @autoloot (melee range -- link)
  • @guildhp
  • @noks
  • @whereis
  • @whodrops
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