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Soul Destroyer Test Results

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Skill Ignores Accuracy Check: Yes (could consistently hit wanderers with 1 dex every single time)
Skill Ignores Defense: Yes (ice pick lowers dmg compared to eden katar due to lower attack, no bonus from ice pick effect)
Skill is Pseudo Non-Elemental for ATK: No (forced neutral)
Skill is Psuedo Non-Elemental for  MATK: NO (forced neutral?)
Skill Is Currently FORCED NEUTRAL (endows do not affect)





here are the results of testing Soul Destroyer Mechanics on Nova Ragnarok. a pserver based off of kRO. (trojal did say he wanted to know how pservers specifically interacted with SD)

The results were that first, the ability always missed on ghost mobs by default. Meaning it is not non-elemental in either portion (magic/physical), it is in fact neutral by default. 


but it was effected by endows when i enchanted poison. It also appears to ignore DEF since Ice Pick didnt gain any dmg and actually LOST dmg, meaning the lower attack was all i got from ice pick. 

Lastly, the ability never missed when I was properly endowed. 



So to recap:

Skill Ignores Accuracy Check: Yes
Skill Ignores Defense: Yes
Skill is Pseudo Non-Elemental for ATK: No
Skill is Psuedo Non-Elemental for MATK: No
Skill is affected by Endows: Yes

I'll post some screen shots below. 




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This is fixed in test server and will go live in next maintenance.

We are following the official behavior rather than copying what is on NovaRO for Soul Destroyer.

The MATK portion is non-elemental (does full damage to any elements including Ghost and is unaffected by endow).

The ATK portion takes the element of your weapon/endow.

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