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Maintenance #43: HIT/FLEE rebalance

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HIT/FLEE rebalance

Today's maintenance updates the hit/flee values for monsters to account for our max level 99 system, as opposed to previous values which (especially for MVPs) were based on a max level 175 scale. We have switched to classic AGI/DEX for monsters, which has various nerfs and buffs on monsters -- the biggest effect is more attainable hit/flee for MVPs, but some monsters are also harder to hit or flee. As always, you can view the HIT/FLEE needed for various monsters by using the @mi (@monsterinfo) command followed by the monster's name or ID.

Biggest nerfs:
1) Assassin Cross Eremes (MVP): 157 easier to HIT,  216 easier to FLEE
2) Gloom Under Night (MVP): 108 easier to HIT, 251 easier to FLEE
3) Sniper Shecil (MVP): 78 easier to HIT, 271 easier to FLEE
4) Bacsojin (MVP): 179 easier to HIT, 144 easier to FLEE
5) Ygnizem (MVP): 117 easier to HIT, 168 easier to FLEE

Biggest buffs:
1) Anopheles: 140 harder to HIT, 14 harder to FLEE
2) Teddy Bear: 74 harder to HIT, 39 harder to FLEE
3) Zenorc: 59 harder to HIT, 48 harder to FLEE
4) Kraben: 92 harder to HIT, 7 harder to FLEE
5) Thanatos Despero (Miniboss): 71 harder to HIT, 24 harder to FLEE

Save the Mandragora

Some classes have to hunt materials in order to use certain skills. Many of these materials can be purchased, some must be obtained from killing monsters. Stems are time consuming but not interesting to obtain. We have reduced the requirement for brewing Alcohol from 5 Stems to 2 Stems.

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