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Maintenance #44: New client!

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In today's maintenance we have a new client version, with our largest update since launch! This brings many improvements, but just to mention a few:

  • Improved dye selections
    • Better dye options for all classes. Increased number of dye choices to 260, up from 77.
    • Stylist now costs 2 Titan Tokens to unlock, down from 10 Titan Tokens.
  • Improved party menu
    • You can use floating party member icons for easy targeting, and locking them in place works correctly.
  • Fast fly wing / refresh
    • Tired of waiting for the screen to fade in from black while fly winging around? Now you can teleport and instantly see the area where you land.
  • Fast autofollow
    • Autofollowing characters will now update their pathing 5x faster.
  • Loot auras
    • Dropped cards from monsters show a beam of light highlighting their location.
  • Added overhead labels to ferry / airship / warper NPCs.
  • Improved character select interface color contrast.
  • Fixed issue with switching accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with pathfinding through allies.
  • New full installer available, with Windows uninstall support.

Costume Egg 13

Costume Egg 13 is available for purchase through the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. It randomly contains one of the following costume items:

  • Costume Sorcerer Hood
  • Costume Ancient Gold
  • Costume Bubble Headband
  • Costume Antenna Ears
  • Costume MVP
  • Costume Black Frame Glasses
  • Costume Master Of Water
  • Costume Foxtail
  • Costume Golden Bell
  • Costume Happiness Wings

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Removed Lucifer's Lament item from Arrow Crafting option.
  • Updated Guide NPCs locations
    • Added support for navigation system in NPC dialog.


Due to the large client update, there may be client-side issues with skill descriptions, quest descriptions, etc. Please report any issues you encounter.

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