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Update #22: Beta client + massive update

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Here's the beta client!https://storage.googleapis.com/titanro.net/TitanROBeta.zip -- I believe this will not change much for the launch client, everything should be able to be updated through the included patcher.

For beta, we changed a few things:

  • Registration is handled through the Control Panel. You have to confirm the email address -- I don't want your email address, but if you forget your password I want you to be able to reset it yourself.
  • Rates are 5x exp, 3x quest exp, 3x drops, 1x miniboss cards, mvp cards, and mvp items.
  • iRO aspd formula is implemented.
  • Maps and quests outside of episode 8 have been removed. Jobchangers for non 2-1 / 2-2 / supernovice are also removed. (Hunter and Blacksmith job change quests are disabled for now until we finish moving them out of Hugel/Einbroch).
  • Party system reworked -- max 12 in a party, and everyone receives +25% bonus experience per party member (beyond the first) on screen when a monster dies.
  • PIN code is no longer required when logging in.
  • ... And a lot of other small changes.
Things that would help for testing in beta:
  • Generally using the client and reporting crashes or stability issues.
  • Testing the party system, seeing if it works as you expect it to based on the explanation, and reporting how it feels to you.
  • There are going to be a number of issues with gibberish text on the client for a bit as we work to resolve the translation issues. If you see any non-obvious translation issues, like on particular items or skills, please let us know.

Between beta and launch on May 25th we will be resetting the database and likely removing all registered game accounts.

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