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Maintenance #45

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Today's maintenance fixes a few longstanding issues we've inherited with our code:

  1. Soul Destroyer damage behavior fixed to match renewal behavior.
    • The MATK component is non-elemental, dealing full damage to any element target.
    • The ATK component takes weapon element attribute.
    • Previously both components were forced neutral.
  2. Fixed monsters sometimes dealing reduced MATK.
    • Some MVPs especially would do less MATK damage than expected after they've been alive for a bit.
  3. Fixed Prontera hair dye NPC consuming Cobaltblue Dyestuffs and dyeing hair blue when choosing violet hair, and vice-versa.
  4. Removed unreleased dungeons from Dungeon Spotlight rotation.
    • The script we use has unreleased dungeons in its rotation, like Brasilis or Nydhoggur. We no longer have to manually reroll these.

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